Cholesterol Level Test


An easy-to-follow and reliable home test to check overall cholesterol health.

Almost 40% of all deaths in the western world result from arteriosclerosis, a disease that causes circulatory problems and heart attacks. A raised cholesterol level can remain undetected for many years and may only be discovered at an advanced stage, representing a considerable risk factor for arteriosclerosis.

Causes of High Cholesterol include; entering middle age, being overweight, little exercise, raised blood pressure and smoking. Early detection and management of raised cholesterol help reduce the risks of hardening of the arteries, strokes and cardiac arrest.

If you have two or more of the above criteria, you should take the Test2Go Cholesterol Level Test. From a finger-prick blood sample, the Cholesterol Level Test can identify high levels of Cholesterol in your blood within minutes. The test allows you to take charge of your health and requires just a finger-prick sample of blood in order to get a reading.

The advantage of this self-test is that it can be carried out in privacy, ensuring confidentiality whilst also highlighting the need to take further steps in managing your personal health. Seek professional medical advice from your doctor if your results show high cholesterol levels in your blood. Always consult your doctor; professionals must only make medical decisions.

A simple and reliable test to check whether your overall cholesterol level is within normal limits.

  • Results available ‘on the spot’ within minutes 

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Quick and easy Finger prick blood sample. Results ready to read within 3 minutes.


Delivery in 1-2 working days via tracked Royal Mail.

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