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High glucose levels (sugar) in the blood can lead to diabetes. If undiagnosed, diabetes can lead to serious problems, including poor circulation, vision loss, kidney failure and strokes. Common symptoms of diabetes include loss of appetite, fluctuations in weight, thirstiness and blurred vision.

The Test2Go Blood Glucose Test has been designed to be a simple at-home test that allows you to identify diabetes within minutes by measuring whether glucose levels in your blood are higher than normal from a finger-prick blood sample. Blood glucose levels normally stay within narrow limits throughout the day but are higher after meals and are usually lower in the morning.

The advantage of this self-test is that it can be carried out in privacy, ensuring confidentiality whilst also highlighting the need to take further steps in managing your personal health. Seek professional medical advice from your doctor if your Blood Glucose Test results show high glucose levels in your blood. Always consult your doctor; only professionals must make medical decisions.

A simple and reliable test to check whether your overall blood glucose level is within normal limits

  • Results available ‘on the spot’ within minutes 

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Quick and easy Finger prick blood sample. Results ready to read within minutes.


Delivery in 1-2 working days via tracked Royal Mail.

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